EC&EC provides many services to our customers to keep them satisfied. Whether you have 50 or hundreds of claims per month, the savings will be realized immediately.

Submit Claims: View claim information and choose which ones to send or hold
Print Claims: Print your required paper claims to the newest dental claim form including your NPI number(s).
Store NPI Numbers: No need to upgrade your practice management system just because there's no place for your NPI. We'll take care of it for you.
Send Eligibility Requests: Check patient eligibility prior to their appointment.
View Reports: View electronic responses, EOBs, rejects, alerts and daily reports.
WatchDog™: See the average number of days each insurance company takes to pay a claim. Each outstanding claim shows the expected date of payment.
Electronic Attachments: Submit all your claim attachments (X-Rays, forms, etc.) electronically using NEA.